Take new opportunities

So here I am living in West Africa. I didn’t see this coming. Firstly I’m here because of my husbands work but essentially I view it as an opportunity that presented itself which we grabbed with both hands.

Basically I’ve always been an obsessive collector of new experiences and it has served me well in my life.

Opportunities crop up all the time. They may not always be as big as moving to Africa but they are all too often dismissed without proper consideration. They maybe considered as too scarry, too odd or too inconvenient. New opportunities may simply move us too far out of our comfort zone, so we therefore choose to ignore them and ultimately miss out as a consequence.

Begin to open your eyes and ears to new opportunities now. Next time a new opportunity presents itself before you casually dismiss it as silly or too much hastle STOP, think ‘can I? Could this be a good thing? Let’s try it’ and a whole new world just might open up to you. Maybe not quite as big as living in Africa but every bit as rewarding in its own way.

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