Being coached by Gaynor has been a life changing experience for me. It can change yours for the better too if you let it! I was a pessimistic glass is always half empty type of a person, negativity was in built and my default position. By employing different techniques and giving me various psychological tools to work with, Gaynor has enabled me to open my mind, reprogram my emotions and embrace positivity. This in turn has changed the way that I see the world, and more importantly for me, the way the world sees and reacts to me, life is now much richer and more rewarding. If you decide to work with Gaynor you need the desire to want to change things. I would suggest that you challenge, debate and question the techniques that you are given ( Not every one will work for you, but some will!) Persevere with these techniques and things will change for you, they did for me in a big way. Give it time, be patient and you will make it happen. Remember, you can’t eat the whole Elephant in one sitting! ‘

‘Thank you for your advice, support and seeing me for who I feel I am.  You are a very special person, Love N’

‘I always enjoy talking to you because your perspective on life always seems to offer a different and refreshing contrast to my own.  You highlight a different way of looking at things that is both interesting and challenging.’

‘Always aware of others feelings, supportive and caring, a good heart, Tara’

‘It really has been great to get to know you.  You have encouraged and supported me over a cup of tea, thank you, best wishes S.’

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