If you feel stuck and need help moving forward in a positive way I can help. By working with you we can  create the life you want and deserve. Self development specific to your needs.:-

Create the lifestyle you want. Get your work life balance right. Be true to yourself and forget about the expectations and pressures of society, friends and family. Lifestyles are diverse and unique. Choose the life that’s right for you.

Our roles change in our family as we grow and develop through life. We are someone’s daughter/son, someone’s husband/wife, someone’s parent and as we evolve we adapt to changes and the demands of others. Family dynamics can be complex with a labyrinth of relationships and it is impossible to please everyone all the time. Be true to yourself and be kind to yourself

The most important relationship we have in life is with our self. Get that right and the rest will follow

Gone are the days of one career all our life. It is now ‘normal’ to have multiple careers, often diverse and requiring new skills as well as adapting and utilising old skills. Even staying put now requires a degree of adaptability. People can be fundamentally creatures of habit and resistant to change. It is sometimes necessary to have a little help to navigate a new path in life and embrace change, whether in a new career or in an existing one.

Confidence comes from within. What you put out you get back. Fear can stop us from being and feeling confident. Fear of what others may think, how we may look, what might happen. Fear of success and of being our best. Learned behaviour can hold us back and fear can keep us there

Feel good, look good and learn to match the outside with the inside. As we develop in life our identity changes and we can get confused about whom we are and our image. Maybe you feel you are stuck in a rut, maybe you are embarking on a new life and want to create a new image or maybe you just fancy a change and want a hand. It is liberating to change your image and be a new you.

Get the balance right. Let home be a haven of pleasure, peace and light. Home is where the heart is. Keep your heart happy in lovely surroundings.

Parenting can be a particular challenge in today’s world. Expectations are high and the pressure can be intense. Families are often fragmented and at the same time as our children develop life is also constantly changing. My experience of helping families with serious behavioural issues has equipped me with the tools to share with others. Parenting can feel isolating but you don’t have to be alone. Learn to enjoy your children and grow with them.

Poor health is all too often an outward manifestation of internal turmoil. Disease is a dis-ease of the mind body balance. We can learn to listen to what our body is telling us about how we are feeling emotionally and psychologically and use this information to change thought patterns that may be keeping us trapped in a cycle of poor health. Eat well, sleep well, love well and be well.

Food is a gift to be enjoyed and savoured not a rod to beat ourselves with. Diet can bring a smile to our lips not a frown to our forehead, as to live with a healthy diet is a pleasure to be had not a punishment of denial. Love food; love your body, love life.

Everyone gets stressed and some stress can be good but if it’s making you miserable then things can be done to really help.  You don’t have to live with stress, learn to relax and cope more easily with the stress of life, fast, effective and practical help.

Depression & Anxiety
Depression and anxiety can come on quickly or build gradually over time, it’s not something to be taken lightly but just the act of making the first move to a positive recovery can make you feel a whole lot better.

Self Esteem
Loving yourself is just about the most important thing in life as so many other things stem from how you feel about yourself.  Make yourself your first priority and watch the world get better.


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